I feel bad that I have to bow out of this fandom like this, but I honestly need a break. :( Maybe someday I'll come back, but as of right now..it's been fun! Please do follow these amazing blogs though for your Daily Dose of Degrassi [clickable links] : seancamerons, degrassicaptures, makeanewstart, munrographics, elismeds, josiperfects, and misfitandco. These blogs range from fantastic gif makers to wonderful analytical thinkers who somehow manage to breakdown episode plotlines beautifully to just amazing group of girls who have been nothing but kind to me. Thank you! And a special thank you to my lovely followers who have been absolutely lovely to me by reblogging/loving the stuff I made and for sending me cute little messages. Thank you, truly for making my experience here so much fun!! And with that I say good-bye! :)

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